Fields of competences

PRIMELEX is a full service Business law firm providing significant advice and service on Company, Corporate, labour, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Law, Debt Recovery, Banking, Business Law, Intellectual Property.

Corporate and contract laws:
We are experienced in the incorporation of Public limited Company, Limited Liability Company and others.

Our assistance include:

  • Legal and strategic advice on investment in Madagascar
  • Company & Business Formation in Madagascar
  • Incorporating company, Drafting the Articles of memorandum (Incorporation) and granting assistance throughout the process, Drafting all other documents required for the incorporation, setting up a bank account ;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • Shareholder rights
  • Joint ventures
  • General Corporate Advice

After your business is formed, our Consultant can assist you with providing experienced legal counsel as you enter into business contracts, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, financing agreements, employment issues or become involved in disputes or litigation.

Labour law:

Our assistance include:

  • Contracts of employment, staff handbooks and other HR documentation;
  • Service Agreements;
  • Compromise agreements;
  • Defence of employment tribunal claims;
  • Engagement/termination procedures;
  • Grievance/disciplinary procedures;
  • Assistance to any documents writing pertaining to individual work relationship and collective relationships as well as negotiating with staff representatives;
  • Assistance to making and setting up collective conventions;
  • Assistance during staff representative appointment and workers council setting up;
  • Audit on applicable regulations respect as regards work, social contingency organizations situation (CNAPS and OSTIE).

Real property law:

  • Advicing on construction law related matters.
  • Dealing with contracts (emphyteotic lease, sale)
  • Due diligence on the property itself
  • Representing client before Title Deed Office
  • Representing client before Notary
  • Completing all necessary registrations
  • Litigation

Debt Recovery:

We proactively assist and act on behalf of our clients in debt collection in Madagascar.

The debt recovery process in Madagascar usually covers these stages;

  • Pre-trial proceedings: including sending official notifications/demand letters to the debtor and fulfilling all the necessary formalities before the eventual trial is commenced ;
  • Representation during trial process. In situation where the debtor does not willingly return the debt, we are able to provide representation during trial before Malagasy Courts.
  • Post-trial proceedings. This includes any possible steps necessary to the enforcement of favourable decision issued by the Malagasy Courts related to the actual recuperation of the debt.
  • Assistance for recovery (from out-of-court to legal recovery phase).


  • Assistance in the scope of telecommunication company implanting in Madagascar;
  • Assistance for any legal matters as regards telecommunications;

Intellectual Property:

  • Assistance for filing patent, trademark, design applications in Madagascar
  • Assistance for any matters relating to registering and label protection, invention, draftsmanship and industrial blueprint, company names and letters patent in Madagascar;

Other law fields:

  • Legal assistance in setting up, foreseeing feasibility and implementing any investing or financing scenarios in Madagascar;
  • Assistance in sorting our foreigners’ stay in Madagascar.